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Mada’s organizational consulting supports organizations facing a dynamic and competitive environment, which are required to increase effectiveness and optimize work processes while at the same time motivating and harnessing human capital.

Organizational Development

Organizational development processes include focused treatment of a specific issue in the organization or a certain department, or even a comprehensive organization in the company, in order to adapt the organization to a changing reality and enable it to achieve its business goals in the most efficient way. We accompany the organization on several levels, depending on the type of customer, the stage he is in and his unique needs. On the strategic level - reading the organizational map and the business environment, formulating a concept and a corresponding action plan; At the process/operational level - formation of an organizational structure, model and work processes and adapted management routines; And on the behavioral level - training and counseling to improve the relevant soft skills (please see skills development). We see organizations from several perspectives: people, processes, structures, supporting systems, products and customers. The consultants on the team come from diverse fields: organizational psychologists, organizational consultants, industrial and management engineers, and experts in digital transformation processes, in order to provide a comprehensive response to the organizational development needs of our clients. In our work we combine a variety of methods, classic or innovative as needed, (such as design thinking, Agile, Lean)

Design thinking

Design thinking is an approach to entrepreneurship and strategic development of companies and organizations in the Competitive market. In recent years, the approach has developed and gained great popularity in the business world, and in the world of start up companies in particular.

What is Design Thinking?
Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. Involving five phases—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test—it is most useful to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown. Design Thinking is a method that has developed in the last forty years between academy and design offices, mainly in the Silicon Valley region. The method of design thinking developed with the establishment of the at Stanford University and is widespread in the world. A design thinking method is defined as a human method for innovation, the purpose of which is to solve problems through creative ideas. The focus of the method is on the customer's needs and not on the needs of the organization or its technological capabilities. The method allows the organization to be flexible, attentive to its customers and to produce innovative solutions quickly. Today, the method is applied by the leading organizations in the world and is used as a tool to lead digital-based innovation processes and studies show that the use of this method is increasing over the years. Companies like Google, Nike, Apple, Disney and more all use design thinking to drive innovation in the organization. Design thinking is becoming one of the most essential work methods for the organization in the implementation of digital processes.

Who We Are

Comprehends massive experience in leading entrepreneurship and strategic development, managing and developing work teams, organizational occupational diagnosis, organizational development, specialist in Design thinking and leads innovation process in organizations and companies.

Rula Assalieh - CEO

Organizational consultant and organizational coach for a decade in the field of local government and entities from the private and public sector. operated programs in government ministries: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education in Israel.

  • B.A - Social Work
  • M.A - Organizational Consulting & Development
  • Diploma - Organizational Training
  • Diploma - Life Coach
  • CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
  • Degree: Master
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  • Phone: +972504300844
  • Freelance: Available

What We Do

Organizational Development

Mada’s organizational consulting supports organizations facing a dynamic and competitive environment, which are required to increase effectiveness and optimize work processes while at the same time motivating and harnessing human capital.

Here With You

We accompany most of our clients over the years, from the in-depth acquaintance with the organizations, Mada’s team formulates a multidimensional intervention plan that allows for a tailored and complete response.


MADA’S advantage in the field of consulting lies in the precise understanding of the needs and characteristics of the organization, the diverse experience of the team of consultants, and the relationships of trust that are built with its clients. All of these allow fertile ground for effective organizational development moves that produce change and added value.

Organizational Development In Local Authorities

We offer a wide range of accompanying, consulting and training services for authority officials, as well as management of organizational processes according to the concrete needs of each authority. Our main expertise concerns the effective management of interfaces and collaborations within the authority as well as aspects of improving the quality of contact with the public and service to the resident

Implementation of social programs and organizational consulting for local authorities

Operation of a Child Development Institute under an agreement with Clalit Health insurance- HMO

Running paramedical services For the Ministry of Health

empowerment sessions and vocational training programs

Entrepreneurship training

Academic lecturer - Certificate studies in organizational system development and consulting

Chief Innovation consultant based on Design Thinking